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1920 POMPEIAN FRAGRANCE TALC AD, 10 1/2"x 16", excellent condition with some stray marks from the printing process, better condition than the ad show with no missing piece out of the top right corner, there is a very small tear however (nothing of consequence)    #BY30565    $22.00



VINTAGE HYPNOTIQUE MAX FACTOR  PERFUMED BATH POWDER, 1960's - 1970's (?), 3 oz., full and unopened, in original box;  the background color on the box is a beigish pink.  The color of the butterflies on the box, the powder puff satin and the plastic powder drum is an orangish pink.  The fluffy part of the powder puff is pink.  The butterfly on the lid to the powder drum is METALLIC GOLD only.  There is no pink or yellow on the butterfly on the lid.  There is no UPC on the box.   Box is lightweight cardboard. The powder drum is plastic. 
The front of the POWDER DRUM doesn't say anything.  It just has the gold butterfly.  The back of the drum  says, "Max Factor, Hypnotique, Perfumed Bath Powder, net wt. 3 oz., Max Factor & Co., Hollywood, CA  90028 - London - Paris, made in U.S.A., blended in U.S.A. ".  There is also a red number on the top of the back of the drum which appears to read "883A" or "863A" or something else -- all that is sure is that the last 2 digits are "3A".
The satin on the pink powder puff has an embossed butterfly on it.
The front of the BOX says, "Max Factor, Hypnotique, Perfumed Bath Powder, Blended in U.S. A., net wt. 3 oz."
The back of the box has the ingredients and the number "0596-00"   It also says, "Max Factor & Co., Hollywood, CA  90028 - London - Paris, code 8810-26"
The box measures about 4 3/8" x 4 1/2" x  2".
The plastic drum is in excellent condition.  There are some light scratches on the back of the drum.  There are no scratches on the lid or the sides of the drum.  The butterfly on the lid is also in excellent condition.  The powder puff is in near mint condition (no faults that I see).  The paper "skin" protecting  the powder is in mint condition. 
The box is solid and is in very good condition.  There is some very light wear on the corners of the box - especially on the
bottom right corner. 
The left side of the box has a Fay's price tag.  The right side of the box has a couple of very light bluish spots -- which are really difficult to see.  The front of the box has a light crease on the top of the box  (looks like from some pressure) and some small dots of light indents.  Both of these problems are not immediately evident and only visible in the right light .  The back of the box has some lightly indented spots too.   They are also difficult to see.  I think the top of the box might have some light fading -- but it is so light that I am not certain it has faded.    #BY30992    $19.00....


CHROME HAIR DRYER AND STAND,  both marked "made in the USA, Handy Industries, Inc., Racine, Wis.";  I have no idea of its age except that I think it is old enough that asbestos could be an issue with it;  works well; has on/off switch and hot/cold switch; comes out of stand; stand has holes to attach to wall; but is very stable sitting on a table; base and handle are black plastic; good for nails, crafts, etc.; looks great with the chrome and bullet shape; excellent condition, with a few scratches and the company name partially obscured on the base    #DC242543    US  $40.00    NOW $33.00

1937 RICHARD HUDNUT MAKEUP AD WITH MIRIAM HOPKINS from MOVIE "MEN ARE NOT GODS", ad shows rouge in compact, face powder, mascara in compact, lipstick and eye shadow in compact, small photos in the blue box are of Jane Pickens, Vincente Minnelli and Tamara Geva, 10" x 13 1/2", excellent condition    #BY29181    $14.00

1940'S BREAK SHAMPOO AD WITH WOMAN TENNIS PLAYER,  about 10  x 13 1/2, excellent condition    #BY25857    US  $12.00

1932 SEVENTEEN MAKE-UP AD with Flapper, featuring lipstick, rouge in a great compact, and powder; 10" x 13", fine condition with a small nick out of the bottom edge and a few stray marks form the printing process    #BY30373    $14.00

1927 ART DECO LUX SOAP MAGAZINE AD, 10"x 13 1/4",  the white is whiter than my photo shows, but it is still not a pure white, fine condition, there are a couple of "bends" (like someone folded the whole magazine when they were reading it 70 years ago), one goes a distance, also the margins are tight.     #BY29531   US  $12.00

1920 WATKINS MULSIFIED COCOANUT OIL SHAMPOO AD with BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, illustrated by GREFE, 10" x 16", excellent condition with some stray marks form the printing process and some light wear on the corners    #BY30525    $18.00....

1920 PALMOLIVE SOAP AD with FLAPPER STYLE EGYPTIAN WOMAN, 10" x 16", very good condition with a small tear coming up from the bottom edge    #BY30526    $18.00*....

1947 DEBUTANTE COSMETICS - CREATED BY THE HOUSE OF DAGGETT AND RAMSDELL AD, featuring bath powder, Toilet Water, soap, Bubble Bath and spray perfume; 10" x 13", excellent condition with some yellowing around the edges     #BY30376    $8.00

1946 CHERAMY FROLIC and APRIL SHOWERS AD; featuring Frolic gift set, Frolic Eau de Cologne, Frolic Perfume, April Showers Perfume, April Showers Dusting Powder, April showers gift set;  10" x 13", excellent condition with some stray marks from the printing process    #BY30379    $8.50

1965 HIDDEN MAGIC HAIRSPRAY AD, "Could your hair use some witchcraft, darling?", I am pretty certain this is the Wanda The Witch character but the ad does not mention the name, about 8" x 10", very good condition with some printing misses here and there    #BY30313    $6.50

1950's (? I am really not certain of the age) RICHARD HUDNUT DuBARRY FACE POWDER, Special Rachel (I think that might be the color), 2 OZ, UNOPENED, looks MUCH nicer than the photo,  3" x 4" x 1", I got this with a many other beauty products - most of which were from the 1950's, excellent  condition with a little wear on the bottom paper and on lighter spot on the side    #BY27019   US  $9.50

Not for sale outside the US due to possible customs confusion

1916 IVORY AD WITH BUSINESSMEN IN THE WASHROOM, the guy who is bent over is whisking the other guy's pants   ^1/2" x 9 3/4", excellent condition (line on the right is another ad overlapping the one shown)    #BY29282    $12.50

1897 WEST POINT PEARS' SOAP MAGAZINE AD, 6" x 9", excellent condition, left margin is slightly tighter than what is shown because of a tear into the margin almost to the printed area    #ML25816    $12.50

navy, naked men

1923 MARTEX TOWEL AD "EXCLUSIVE CLUBS AND GREAT HOTELS", with naked men showering and drying off, 10" x 14", fair condition, would be excellent condition because the ad is clean and doesn't have much wear but someone cropped it too close on the left side so there is no margin at all   #GA30885    $12.00  .

1950's ART DECO LA CROSSE NAIL POLISH BOTTLE, pink deco lid also says LaCrosse, bottle is shaped like a double barrel and ribbed, about 2 3/4" high x 2" wide, both bottle and label are in excellent condition    #DC25639    US  $6.50

Ivory, longshoremen

1919 IVORY SOAP AD WITH burly men (probably longshore men) at a shipyard, 6 1/2" x 9", excellent condition   BY29064    US  $7.50

1949 DIAL SOAP AD WITH FATHER AND SON EMERGING FROM SHOWER, on bottom of page a woman laments "Why Didn't He Kiss Me Tonight?", very good condition with a tear on the right margin up to the printed area, a tight left margin, and some dark marks on the left side of the page from rusty staples    #BY29075    $5.50


 1928 ART DECO MAVIS VIVAUDOU TOILETRIES MAGAZINE AD, showing talcum powder, face powder, rouge compact, lipstick, toilet water, and Egyptian henna, 10 1/2" x 13 3/4", excellent condition with slight wear on the right edge, my photo is eschew    #BY28042    $10.00


1917 LAZELL TALCUMS -  Mazzatta, Sweet Pea, Field Violets, Japanese Honeysuckle and Babykin - Ad, 10" x 15 1/2", fine condition with the margins cropped    #BY29743    $22.50



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